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Management Surveys

If you suspect that you may have Asbestos containing materials in your property, contact us regarding a management survey. The survey will give you the best advice on how to manage all identified ACM's, moving forward making it easy to manage ACMs.

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Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

Whether you’re planning a demolition, refurbishments, or work inside a property, we’ve got a survey for you. Get in touch now to discuss the services we offer to our clients. If you are planning refurbishment or demolition work, a refurbishment and demolition survey is required to manage any Asbestos containing materials within your premises prior to any works commencing

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Sampling Surveys

If you suspect Asbestos containing materials within your property we can attend and take samples of the individual materials as instructed

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Pre-purchase Survey

A pre-purchase survey aims to identify Asbestos containing materials within the property prior to purchase.

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Our expert surveyors give you a greater insight with our excellent asbestos surveys.

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Ensure you’re protected from the potential dangers of asbestos with Roc Environmental Services Ltd, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. We’re experts in undertaking asbestos surveys, including pre-purchase, sampling, management, refurbishment and demolition surveys. Our surveyors have more than 15 years of experience and our prompt, reliable, and professional service is loved by our current customers. For an excellent service that helps you to identify and manage with ACMs (asbestos-containing materials), get in touch now!