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Ensure that you’re safe when undertaking work by contacting Roc Environmental Services Ltd regarding a refurbishment or demolition survey in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and the local area. A survey is necessary prior to any demolition work, alterations, or refurbishment of a building and this intrusive work is designed to find all ACMs contained in the fabric of the building. Get in touch with us now to arrange this work.

What Does This Work Include?

Typically, these surveys include breaking into walls, floors, voids, boxing, and cladding to gain access to all areas. The purpose of this is to identify all ACMs prior to any works commencing.

A survey should generally be carried out in unoccupied areas to minimise risk to personnel within the building. This survey identifies ACMs so they can be removed professionally prior to any works starting.

Any suspected ACM's will be sampled and analysed by a UKAS approved laboratory . A full report will be compiled to include laboratory results, risk and management assessments, plans and photos.
Please call if you are concerned about Asbestos and need advice.

Considering a Refurbishment?

Whether you require a demolition or refurbishment survey, we’ve got the service for you.

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